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Aug 26, 2015

Experience Smart e-Biking with the BESV Smart App

High tech e-Bike pioneer BESV is bringing customers a truly amazing user-experience. With core competencies in IT and green energy technologies, BESV is creating premium e-bikes that combine advanced software technology, manufacturing innovation, and stylish designs. BESV is the first manufacturer in the bike industry to offer a members-only APP, while continuously introducing new functions to upgrade users light exercising and smart e-biking lives. At Eurobike, BESV will showcase two new e-bikes, which will further broaden their product selection. The new JS1 wins Eurobike Award 2015 - JS1 was highly recommended by the judging panel who selected winners out of 500 entries for design and innovation in the cycling industry.

BESV strives for excellence as it fulfills its brand spirit “Experience Amazing” as a leading innovator in the bike industry. Their BESV Smart App is continuously updated with more features and functions to support the smart e-biking experience. Producing the first fully-connected e-bike, the BESV Smart App connects your smartphone with your BESV e-bike, which allows you to control your e-bike directly through your smartphone. In addition to the now standard “My Journey” and “History” functions, BESV’s Smart App comes with the following new interactive features:

● Record Park Location: When you are away from your BESV e-bike, the App will automatically record your parking location, and then inform when you are near your e-bike.

● Real-time Weather Notice: Setting your preferred weather conditions informs you automatically if the weather is OK for you to ride your e-bike. It also shows the wind speed for your convenience.

● Nearby Popular Places: The App shows nearby popular spots as you ride your e-bike.

At Eurobike, BESV will present two city e-bikes, the JS1 & the CF1. Both show BESV’s classic styling and allow everyone to enjoy a smooth and delightful smart e-bike ride.

JS1 Quick. Nimble. Sturdy.

The JS1’s dip-frame is easier to mount and dismount than a normal bike, and the design also creates a more balanced ride. The concept goes beyond the conventional triangular frame design to make riding universally easy, no matter the rider’s age, gender or clothing. The JS1 is also equipped with an advanced Algorhythm power drive system to deliver the smoothest of rides, every ride.

CF1 Charming. Classy. Brilliant.

The CF1 has a hidden battery and diamond headlight integrated into its simple L-shaped frame that is both elegant and easy to step through. BESV’s proprietary Algorhythm power drive system lets everyone—young and old, friends and family— enjoy the best of city biking.

A New Breed of Power Our custom-built power drive system, Algorhythm, is integrated into every BESV e-bike. Fine-tuned by our team of software experts, Algorhythm calculates the power needed by the drive system and delivers optimal performance whenever required. This unique technology allows you to power up hills and race down streets in comfort. Delivering the smoothest transition from self-pedaled power to electric-powered assistance, Algorhythm ensures an unparalleled riding experience. The exclusive rear motor and rear wheel drive designs are inspired by premium sports cars such as the Porsche 911, bringing you the ultimate riding pleasure.

Experience the amazing BESV APP and new e-bikes at Eurobike: # Hall A4-608 BESV | Experience Smart e-Biking with the BESV Smart App

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