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May 01, 2020

The BESV TRS2 Awards

The BESV TRS2 AM features design for swift performance. Performed to be enduring, The BESV TRS2 stood out in these awards:

2020 Taiwan Excellence Award
2019 Japan Good Design Award


TRS2 e-Mountain Bike

The BESV TRS2 e-Mountain Bike incorporates the highest grade STEPS E-8000 system from Shimano. The powerful drive system and a high capacity battery enable users to conquer tough terrains and long-distance journeys with ease. The bike frame adopts an integrated power system by hiding the battery pack and controller inside the frame to allow these key components to be protected from the impact of gravel and rocks. Apart from its vibrant appearance, TRS2’s lightweight bike frame also attaches with an integrated rear carrier and mudguards that provide practical support for a cross-country riding experience.

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