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May 01, 2019

The BESV JR1 Awards

The BESV JR1 has also won the following awards:

2019 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award
2018 Taipei Cycle d&i Award
2018 Japan Good Design Award

JR1 – Speed Like a Jaguar

BESV JR1 features an integrated power system and a rear motor that not only provides responsive power but also keeps road bikes' distinctive sleek style. BESV JR1's lightweight design offers abundant battery power for fast and enduring performance over the hills; even cyclists of ordinary fitness can enjoy road biking. Concealed within the sleek road bike exterior are power assistance intelligence. The drop-bar is equipped with an ergonomic Dynamic Switch for cyclists to effortlessly adjust the power assistance modes. When in Smart Mode, the bike calculates the exact power needed and delivers smooth riding momentum. BESV e-Road Bike HMI shows real-time info like cadence and average speed for better training while the Smart App offering navigation, anti-theft, and many functions. All the thoughtful and decent designs above, lead to the multiple winners of the 2018 Taipei Cycle d&i Award, 2018 Japan Good Design Award, 2019 Taiwan Excellence Silver Award.
With the JR1, you ride like a professional and speed like a jaguar!


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