BESV | BESV’s e-Bike Wins Taipei Cycle d&i Gold Award.

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Aug 17, 2014

BESV’s e-Bike Wins Taipei Cycle d&i Gold Award.

BESV wins Taipei Cycle d&i gold award 2014 - Darfon’s stylish and lightweight e-bike PS1 was highly recommended by an international judging panel who selected winners out of 185 entries from 16 countries for design and innovation in cycling industry.

Exceeding the limits of the traditional frameworks of bike industry, Darfon has been trying to make innovative and highly integrated e-bikes and to become the leader of green fashion. Darfon Innovation’s e-bikes are not just eco friendly, but can allow users to live healthier lives and show fashion styles.

BESV | BESV’s e-Bike Wins Taipei Cycle d&i Gold Award.

At the Taipei Cycle 2014, Darfon will present its gold award winner PS1. The PS1 has a carbon frame design which is both stylish and light at only 17 kilograms. The bike is equipped with original smart power assistance modes, both front and rear shock absorbers, and larger LED display to enhance cycling experience to be even more ergonomist, instinctive, comfortable and safer. Moreover, cyclists can also control the bike directly through the use of app available on smart phones. In addition to basic functions such as power assistance modes, the bike is also built in with GPS that can record personal usage history which allows cyclists to use the app to plan real-time routes and enjoy convenient cycling life.

Darfon Innovation Corp. is a subsidiary of Darfon Electronics Corp, a listed company in Taiwan and one of the world’s leading notebook keyboard manufacturer. Leveraging on cross-industry innovation, Darfon Innovation Corp. has more than 15 years of experience and core competence in designing and producing stylish and highly integrated e-bikes.

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