From product design to manufacturing, we verify every detail with 100 percent accuracy.

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To achieve the highest degree of precision and quality, we have developed our own proprietary testing equipment and comprehensive verification procedures and systems, so that we can ensure that the quality of our manufacturing is of the same high standard as our design.

Advanced simulation testing to ensure battery durability and performance.

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Our comprehensive range of battery tests includes tests for vibration and extended usage, to ensure the highest quality performance and maximum durability of each and every battery used in our e-bikes.

Our strict verification procedures during assembly ensure that each of our e-bikes meets the highest Quality Control standards.

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Our professional technicians personally test every bike to verify that every detail meets our exacting standards, all before any of our e-bikes are shipped to consumers.

We test and adjust the illumination angle of all our headlights to ensure the maximum safety of riders during night-time riding.

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Our professional technicians first carefully assemble each of our headlights, and then meticulously screen each one for illumination and brightness, in order to attain the most accurate light irradiation angle and exceed international safety standards.

Our comprehensive custom-developed testing equipment simulates all types of riding conditions, to ensure the best performance of every bike part during rides.

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Unlike other e-bike companies, our innovative and comprehensive testing includes tests for durability, endurance, maximum slope, and rough road conditions, to name just a few. From these tests, we are able to gather valuable data and make crucial adjustments to guarantee that our e-bikes deliver an amazing riding experience.

Our automotive-grade noise-detection system ensures that our e-bike motors are not merely quiet, but also reach the highest standards in the industry.

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Because of our customized automotive-grade noise-detection system, we are able to fine-tune our motors and drive systems, to ensure that our e-bikes are some of the quietest—and the highest quality—in the market today.

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